Oil and gas refineries commonly face the problem of petroleum products contamination with hazardous H₂S gas. Hydrogen sulfide is a natural component of crude oil that is formed from the reaction of sulfur and hydrogen or as a result of bacterial decomposition of organic matter.

H₂S reduces the product quality, causes corrosion of processing equipment, pipelines, tanks for storage and transportation. It is able to increase the acidity of the liquid-gas mixture and have a disastrous influence on mass transfer processes. In addition, it poses a threat to the safety of employees and harms the environment.


TOXICITY | Острая токсичность | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC


Hydrogen sulfide relate to 3ᵈ hazard class, in high concentrations causes acute intoxication, up to death.

EXPLOSIVENESS | Взрывоопасность | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC


At a concentration of 4-46% while interacting with air.

CORROSIVENESS | Коррозийность | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC


H₂S is highly corrosive to metals, attacking iron, steel, brass, rubber, and even some plastics.


Chemical technologists of Synthesis Company developed the hydrogen sulfide scavengers IFO H₂S-SCAV, a series of specially designed high performance asymmetric chemical compounds. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional gas/oil cleaning processes in a wide range of applications including the removal of hydrogen sulfide from gas streams, high-sulfur crude oil and tank steam spaces.

Formaldehyde-free hydrogen sulfide scavengers IFO-H₂S SKAV will prepare the facility for the requirements of TR EAEU 045/2017 to become law (from January 1, 2025).

are formaldehyde-free hydrogen sulfide scavengers that quickly and permanently neutralize H₂S for maximum protection and effectiveness. Our experts will select the most suitable solution and dosages to ensure the continuity and increase the productivity of your plant.

NO FORMALDEHYDE in the reagent composition (qualitative reaction)

Complete absence of oxidation catalysts, such as cobalt phthalocyanine

 No H₂S scavengers decomposition products deposits when treated oil enters the refinery

High absorption efficiency under various conditions and contact time with the environment

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger IFO H2S-SCAV | Reaction time 24H
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger IFO H2S-SCAV | Reaction time 15H

Formaldehyde-free H₂S scavengers have a deep absorbing capacity and effectively absorb hydrogen sulfide with sufficient contact time in a ratio of 1:1 to the treated H₂S.


Oil and gas extraction | При добыче нефти и газа | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC

Oil and gas

Oil refineries | Нефтеперерабатывающие заводы | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC


In wastewater disposal | При очистке | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC

In wastewater

In any industry facing H2S problem | В любой отрасли, сталкивающейся с H2S | ООО Синтез | Synthesis LLC

In any industry
facing H2S problem

Commodity forms of formaldehyde-free hydrogen sulfide scavengers IFO-H₂S SKAV successfully pass laboratory tests in industry institutes in various conditions and carry out the implementation in oil and gas companies

Сертификат соответствия ТЭКСЕРТ НЕФТЕПРОМХИМ Поглотитель сероводорода IFO H2S-СКАВ
Сертификат соответствия НЕФТЕПРОМХИМ Поглотитель сероводорода IFO H2S-СКАВ
Сертификат на применение Поглотитель сероводорода IFO H2S-СКАВ
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